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Phenology product of Finnish Environment Institute
Kristin Böttcher, Finnish Environment Institute
Kristin.bottcher ()
The product is derived from satellite data product time-series. The data products used are FSC (the same algorithm as for SYKE&FMI Extended Baltic Sea drainage basin direct broadcast FSC based on NPP VIIRS/Sentinel-3 SLSTR), NDVI and NDWI indices.

Aim: The phenological product will contain four layers:
1) The date of the start of the vegetation active season in evergreen coniferous forest. This date corresponds to the start of photosynthetic activity in conifers.
2) The date of the greening-up of deciduous vegetation. This date corresponds to the time of bud break in deciduous trees.
3) The end of season date in evergreen coniferous forest.
4) The end of season date for deciduous vegetation.
Currently, the product layers 3) and 4) are under development.
Data Portals
Validation Status
Product layer 1) was calibrated against in situ observation of the start of season in evergreen coniferous forest from CO2 flux measurements in Finland for the period 2001 to 2010. Validation will be carried out based on in situ observations from 2011 onwards for few sites in Finland.
Product layer 2) was validated based on in situ observations on the bud break of birch in Finland for the period from 2001 to 2008. The obtained root mean square error (RMSE) is 7 days. Validation will continue with in situ observations from 2009 to 2014.
User Guide
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Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
Böttcher, Kristin, et al. "MODIS time-series-derived indicators for the beginning of the growing season in boreal coniferous forest—A comparison with CO 2 flux measurements and phenological observations in Finland." Remote Sensing of Environment 140 (2014): 625-638.
Delbart, N., Kergoat, L., Le Toan, T., L'Hermitte, J., Picard, G., 2005. Determination of phenological dates in boreal regions using normalized difference water index. Remote Sensing of Environment 97, 26-38.
Spatial Coverage & Resolution
Spatial resolution: 0.05°
Temporal Coverage & Resolution
Coverage: 2001-2015
Temporal resolution: Annual maps
Current: Terra
Main: Sentinel-3
Current: MODIS (Terra)
Main: SLSTR & OLCI (S3)
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Data Policy
Creative Commons 4.0-BY
Currently: Upon request
Aim: Web-access service (on-going)
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