In these pages, the products generated within the EU FP7 project SEN3APP are described and information on how to access the products is provided.

SEN3APP products can be downloaded via the FMIARC GeoPortal ( and the CryoLand GeoPortal ( For more information about the FMIARC geoportal and the CryoLand GeoPortal contact Mwaba.Hiltunen () and gabriele.bippus (), respectively.

Methods of downloading data:
  • WebClient: FMIARC- GeoPortal and CryoLand GeoPortal
  • FTP services
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Drop box
  • Http

  • SEN3APP products are grouped into four categories; Land cover and phenology, Snow, Glacier and Lake ice products.

    You may use the left side menu or the links below for details about the products and method to access each product. Pages for some products are not available yet.

    Product Description & Access document that includes all the products is available from here.

    Snow Products

  • Fractional Snow Cover Extent for Northern Hemisphere from Optical Data (FMI & SYKE)
  • High Resolution (5km) Pan-European SWE Product (Augmented Using Optical FSC Data) (FMI)
  • Regional Wet Snow Cover from Sentinel-1 Data (ENVEO)
  • Regional and Pan-European Fractional Snow Cover Product from Synergistic Sentinel-3 SLSTR/OLCI Data (ENVEO)
  • Extended Baltic Sea Drainage Basin Direct Broadcast FSC Based on NPP VIIRS/Sentinel-3 SLSTR (SYKE & FMI)
  • Lake Ice Product

  • Lake Ice Extent (SYKE)
  • Glacier Products

  • Glacier Outlines (ENVEO)
  • Ice Velocity (GAMMA)
  • Ice Velocity (ENVEO)
  • Snow / Ice Areas on Glaciers (ENVEO)
  • Land Cover & Phenology Products

  • Crop / Vegetation Classification (SYKE)
  • Phenology (SYKE)
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute GAMMA ENVEO SYKE VTT

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