Women in SEN3APP

Sari Jokiniemi

My name is Sari Jokiniemi. I am 32 years old and live and work in Sodankylä, Finland. I was born in Sodankylä and returned to live here in the center of Finnish Lapland a couple of years ago after studying and working elsewhere in Finland for over ten years. I have two sons, they are 6 and 7 years old. I enjoy hunting, skiing, orienteering and generally spending time in nature. I also have two hunting dogs, they keep me busy all year-round.

I studied economics in University of Oulu and got my Master's degree in 2005. After several years of working as a project administrator in Oulu and Rovaniemi, I now work as a research administrator in Finnish Meteorological Institute's Arctic Research Centre in Sodankylä.

In FMI I am responsible for our unit's financial administration, including budgeting, invoicing, and so on. I am also administrating several national and international projects that our unit is either coordinating or participating in as a partner.

I don't think that gender is an issue in my line of work. Admittedly, although there are far more women in administration than men, the higher the position is, the more likely it is held by a man. But still, I think it's more a question of personality and ambition than gender. I do not feel I have ever been disqualified from something simply by being a woman, or privileged either.

I don't really have any advice, just do what you feel you want to do, no matter your gender, age or anything else. The only thing that matters is your skills and those can be acquired through education and experience.

In SEN3APP-project I am coordinating the project's financial issues.
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