Crop / Vegetation Classification (SYKE)

Product Code & Name
Agricultural monitoring
Markus Törmä, Finnish Environment Institute
Markus.torma ()
The products tailored for the Agency of Rural Affairs Finland (MAVI) for monitoring agricultural areas are simple classifications designed to target specific control requirements for agricultural subsidies. The requirements come both from EC as well as from national authorities. The products are still in development stage; summer 2016 will serve as demonstration phase for assessing the concept. Following test cases are used for demonstration in 2016:
  • Winter time vegetation
  • Summer time vegetation
  • Coarse un-supervised classification based on S1/S2 images
  • Data Portals
    Validation Status
    Currently the validation dataset is used for product development. Validation is achieved during the use of the products. Some field control is unavoidable in the subsidies control process. These field visits will be used to also gather information on the performance of the satellite interpretations. Some dedicated field campaigns are foreseen.
    User Guide
    Not available. Please, use the above contact.
    Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
    The product is still in development phase.
    Spatial Coverage & Resolution
    Spatial resolution: 20m
    Temporal Coverage & Resolution
    The data products are delivered on specific dates, depending on the control requirement.
    Temporal resolution:
    Current: Landsat-8, Sentinel-1
    Main: Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2
    Auxiliary: Landsat-8
    Current: OLI (L8), C-SAR (S1)
    Main: C-SAR (S1), MSI (S2)
    Auxiliary: OLI (L8)
    Data Format (s)
    Data tables (.csv, .xlsx)
    Finnish Environment Institute
    Data Policy
    In the development stage the data is restricted to MAVI only.
    Demonstration phase: email Main: Machine readable web-interface
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