Regional Wet Snow Cover from Sentinel-1 Data (ENVEO)

Product Code & Name
SCAW - Wet Snow Covered Area
Dr. Gabriele Bippus, ENVEO IT GmbH, Austria
gabriele.bippus ()
The wet snow cover product provides binary information on melting snow for non-forested areas. The product is generated for the European Alps. Water bodies, forested areas, as well as areas affected by radar shadow or fore-shortening are masked. Bare ground and dry snow are identified as one class. Products are provided including metadata meeting INSPIRE standards.
Data Portals
  • CryoLand GeoPortal
  • Validation Status
    For a preliminary quality assessment, the product was intercompared with snow maps from Landsat 7 ETM+ and Landsat 8 OLI data. Further validation is on-going in the SEN3APP – project (2014-2016).
    User Guide
    The description of the wet snow cover product over the Alps is in preparation. As soon as products are provided through the CryoLand GeoPortal the product description will be included in the CryoLand User Guide.
    Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
    Nagler, T., Rott, H., Ripper, E., Bippus, G., Hetzenecker, M. (2016): Advancements for Snowmelt Monitoring by means of Sentinel-1 SAR. Remote Sensing. Submitted.
    Spatial Coverage & Resolution
    Coverage of Sentinel-1 tracks over the Alpine area. 4 Sentinel-1A tracks are needed to cover the full alpine area.
    100 m pixel size
    Temporal Coverage & Resolution
    Melting season, 2015 – present.
    12 days repeat time per track. With Sentinel-1B improvement to 6 days repeat time.
    C-SAR (Level 1 SLC IW)
    Data Format (s)
    GeoTIFF, optionally NetCDF
    Data Policy
    Data are provided free of charge during the project period for non-commercial usage
    Products will be provided through the CryoLand GeoPortal.
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