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Ice Velocity
Tazio Strozzi, Gamma Remote Sensing, Worbstrasse 225, 3073 Gümligen (BE), SWITZERLAND, strozzi ()
Knowledge on glacier ice velocity provides a better understanding of a wide range of processes related to glacier dynamics, for example glacier mass flux, flow modes and flow instabilities (e.g. surges), sub-glacial processes (e.g. erosion), and the development of glacier lakes and associated hazards. In addition, the comparison of the spatio-temporal variations of glacier velocities both within and between regions will improve understanding of climate change impacts. Satellite SAR missions make it possible to operationally map and monitor glacier flow on a nearly global scale using offset-tracking methods. With Sentinel-1 Level 1 SLC data, downloaded from the Scientific Data Hub, the retrieval of ice surface velocity maps over the Svalbard Archipelago is possible since August 2014 every 12 or 24 days. Horizontal surface velocity data in m/day are provided together with a quality measure, a header file describing the input data and validation, and a quick-look image of the product in GeoTIFF format.
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Validation Status
Processor qualified and operational. Verification of selected glaciers.
User Guide
Product User Guide (PUG), ESA Glacier_CCI Project, Version 1.4 22.02.2016
Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document
Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Phase 2 (ATBD), ESA Glacier_CCI Project, Version 2.1 25.11.2014.
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Strozzi T., A. Kouraev, A. Wiesmann, U. Wegmüller, A. Sharov and C. Werner, Estimation of Arctic glacier motion with satellite L-band SAR data, Remote Sensing of Environment, 112:636-645, doi:10.1016/j.rse.2007.06.2007, 2008.
Strozzi T., A. Luckman, T. Murray, U. Wegmüller, and C. Werner, Glacier motion estimation using SAR offset-tracking procedures, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Vol. 40, No. 11, pp. 2384-2391, November 2002.
Spatial Coverage & Resolution
Svalbard Archipelago (Norway) at 100 m posting
Temporal Coverage & Resolution
From 2015.08.02 onwards every 12 or 24 days
Data Format (s)
ASCII file (csv format) with header file description (xml format) and quick-look image (GeoTIFF format)
Version 04
Gamma Remote Sensing
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Products are provided on demand. Access via unique HTTP link.
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