WP5 - Demonstration


Demonstration of the full performance of the processing lines and production of the land cover, snow, glaciers and lake ice SEN3APP products.

Description of work and role of partners

WP5 - Demonstration [Months: 20-30]

Lead beneficiary: ENVEO
Demonstration activities will be performed for the land cover changes and phenology, snow mapping, glacier and lake ice products. The basis for demonstration will be Sentinel-1, -2, -3 data. In the case Sentinel-1 and 3 data are available in time a near real time demonstration of mapping snow in the Baltic region and mountain areas is planned. Regarding glaciers and lake ice products demonstration packages of sample products will be generated. If Sentinel data are not available, simulated data sets produced from other EO-instruments will be used.

T5.1 - Demonstration of land cover change and phenology [Months: 20-30]

Demonstration service of phenology information and land cover changes will be generated for representative areas of Baltic Sea region. The basis will be Sentinel-3 SLSTR and OLCI-images; Sentinel-2 MSI-images are used to produce validation information. If Sentinel-2/3 data will not be available, data from other EO-instruments will be used.

T5.2 - Demonstration for Sentinel-1,-3 snow mapping service [Months: 20-30]

Running demonstration service of snow maps from Sentinel-1, -3 data for Baltic regions (performed by SYKE and FMI) and mountain regions (performed by ENVEO) using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 (SLSTR) data acquired at FMI receiving station. Dependent on the launch and availability of Sentinel data, the service will be carried out in NRT, otherwise data from other EO-instruments will be used.

T5.3 - Demonstration package for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 glacier products [Months: 20-30]

Glacier products incl. glacier outlines, ice velocity, and snow / ice maps on glaciers will be generated for test glaciers selected in cooperation with users. The basis will be Sentinel-2 MSI data and Sentinel-1 SAR data. If required Sentinel data are not available, data from other EO-instruments will be used.

T5.4 - Demonstration service and compilation of product package for lake ice products [Months: 20-30]

Demonstration of lake ice products will be carried out a selection of Northern European lakes like Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega and Lake Inari. Lakes of different size and shape will be used in order to assess the product performance and accuracy. This includes also the comparison of optical and SAR-derived products.

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