WP7 - Scientific and Technical Coordination


The aim of WP7 is to coordinate and supervise the scientific and technical work (RTD), the service implementation, and the support activities of the project.

Description of work and role of partners

WP7 - Scientific and Technical Coordination [Months: 1-36]

Lead beneficiary: FMI
This WP will be in charge of the quality control of the deliverables to ensure overall consistency of the quality of the project products. This WP will be also in charge of the preparation of project meetings and project reviews meeting and will link with the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) to ensure that the products and services from the project will meet the highest scientific quality.

T7.1 - Project technical and scientific monitoring [Months: 1-36]

FMI - Monitoring including user interest, needs and priorities on the progress of the project - The results of the project and impact of the project products and services will be assessed

T7.2 - Project coordination [Months: 1-36]

FMI The FMI (coordinator) will organise a kick-off meeting in the first 3 months of the project and the periodic review meetings at M9, M18, M27 and M36. Regular telephone conferences for all work package leaders and publication of minutes and meeting outcomes on a project web-site.

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