WP6 - Dissemination and exploitation


- Disseminate information about the project results and the service among the wider user community - Provide support and liaison to the users of SEN3APP products and services, organize and conduct the training of users, organize user workshops. - Analyse the business environment in terms of potential market and related business actors from public and private sector, cost/benefit analysis and business cases - Prepare and perform the transition to a self-supportive operational service - Coordinate the use and management of knowledge: Monitoring, updating and managing the rules for intellectual property rights

Description of work and role of partners

WP6 - Dissemination and exploitation [Months: 1-36]

Lead beneficiary: FMI
WP6 will disseminate project results and services to a wider users' community. This will include the preparation of printed material and Web based information, provided at different levels of technical detail, to address specific user communities. Two dissemination workshops will be organized in order to obtain feedback on the demonstration products and services provided with WP5 and to further expand the user community. Taking into account the users' input on the assessment of the demonstration activities, their future requirements, and the business environment, market analysis and various service scenarios will be developed together with the identified end users based on the case studies which will be decided during first 6 months of the project. This information will be of relevance for compiling the exploitation and business plans for the commercial and institutional exploitation of SEN3APP project results. The current and future markets will be identified, particularly in applying services to new areas.

T6.1 - Promotion activities [Months: 5-36]

FMI, GAMMA, ENVEO, SYKE, VTT This task is responsible of: - Promotion activities throughout the lifetime of the project, including production of printed material such as brochures - Installing and maintaining a web portal for project internal communication exchange of documents and with a public project home page - Preparation of peer-reviewed scientific journals and participation international conferences such as the European Geosciences Union (EGU) and the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS)

T6.2 - Product and service support and training for users [Months: 18-36]

FMI, GAMMA, ENVEO, SYKE, VTT - Prepare guidelines and training material on SEN3APP products and services - Organize 2 user workshops for the assessment of SEN3APP products and services

T6.3 - Market analysis [Months: 1-18]

FMI, GAMMA, ENVEO, SYKE, VTT This task carries out an analysis of the potential market for the project products and services.

T6.4 - Business models and various service scenarios [Months: 18-30]

WT3: Work package description 607052 SEN3APP - Workplan table - 2013-10-02 10:52 - Page 25 of 35 FMI, GAMMA, ENVEO, SYKE, VTT On the basis of market and cost/benefit analysis, this task will develop the business cases for the SEN3APP services.

T6.5 - Exploitation and IPR management [Months: 18-35]

FMI Exploitation planning will develop the plans for exploitation and use of knowledge. IPR produced by the research teams will be reviewed to clear material for publication, agree and enact appropriate Open Source protection and licensing, and develop commercial relations with end-users.

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